About Cycles 4 Hope

Cycles 4 Hope was founded to serve those in need in the greater Sacramento California region. Our goal is to expand beyond our local and international boarders by partnering with organizations that share our passion and belief that we can positively impact lives with something as simple as a bicycle and a message of hope.

Why Cycles 4 Hope? A message from our founder, Shawn Holiday


I founded Cycles 4 Hope in July of 2008 after spending a Saturday morning in June with many of the homeless in the downtown Sacramento area. I was completely overwhelmed by the number of homeless men, women and children and the conditions they were enduring… people physically living on the sidewalks, people fighting for food, clean water and clothing… people with no means to get to shelters, medical care or places of employment… people without hope or joy in their lives. These are the reasons I founded Cycles 4 Hope. I truly believe that something as simple as a bicycle and a message of hope can positively impact a life. Just think… A bike can help you get to a shelter for food, water, clothing, medical care and a clean bed. A bike can help you find and sustain employment. And most importantly, a bike can help bring back the hope and the joy that so many of our homeless neighbors have lost. Some of our members have even been stalked because of their success. Those that were eventually hired some armed guards Manhattan to develop a safety plan. There’s good security in place now for them. When there’s a cycling event they needed more personal security and executive protection. Most of our members used VIP protection New York in their events. Event security is important for cycling events especially after the Boston Marathon bombings.

It is amazing to think that something many of us take for granted can be so incredibly valuable to another.